May’s Plug-in Sales Were Steady, but No Big Gains

Prius Plug-in Hybrid

There are about 30,000 plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles on US roads since their launch a year and-a-half ago – far away from the mil­lion unit goal. Sales are steady now, but are not increas­ing sub­stan­tial­ly at this point to hit the one-mil­lion-units-sold-by-2015 bench­mark. As for May sales num­bers, the Chevro­let Volt moved past the Toy­ota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, deliv­er­ing 1,680 units, up 15% from April’s sales fig­ure of 1,462, but down from its all-time March high of 2,289. There were 1,086 Prius Plug-In Hybrids sold last month. The Nis­san Leaf was still behind in sales, at 510 units in May, up from its April low of 370 but down from 1,142 units in May 2011.  Nis­san intends to increase pro­duc­tion of the Leaf and has been con­strained by lim­its on fab­ri­ca­tion of the car’s lithi­um-ion bat­tery pack. That should open up lat­er this year when li-ion cell plants in the UK and Ten­nessee open up.

Ford has been qui­et about its Focus Elec­tric, which was launched in this mod­el year, but is just now mak­ing its way to retail sales. Mit­subishi has also been low key about its EV launch with the i car sell­ing about 300 units in the US since being launched this mod­el year, with 85 units sold last month.



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