Walk Around Key to Service Success

Fixed Ops Insight - May 9, 2012

Many deal­ers and gen­er­al man­agers begin their day with a walk through the ser­vice lane. Most want to see if their ser­vice bays will be full. Per­haps what they should be look­ing at is the effi­cien­cy of the ser­vice writer as they eval­u­ate a customer’s vehi­cle. A prop­er walk-around can save time and iden­ti­fy unseen defects with the vehi­cle.

After prompt­ly greet­ing the cus­tomer and learn­ing why that car is in the ser­vice lane today, the ser­vice writer needs to do a thor­ough inspec­tion of the vehi­cle. If this is done in a method­i­cal man­ner, the ser­vice writer can gain the infor­ma­tion need­ed like the VIN, plus iden­ti­fy addi­tion­al main­te­nance items that the cus­tomer may be unaware of like worn tires and inef­fec­tive wind­shield wiper blades. These main­te­nance issues can be dis­cussed with the cus­tomer in the ser­vice lane rather than in the cus­tomer lounge lat­er.

A prop­er walk-around can improve cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion and increase the val­ue of each Repair Order.



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