VW Helping Dealers Recruit Service Techs

Automotive News - May 14, 2012

As the mar­ket for new cars and trucks improves month­ly, deal­ers who down­sized the num­ber of employ­ees dur­ing the reces­sion are faced with the daunt­ing task of staffing up. This is a par­tic­u­lar prob­lem in the ser­vice depart­ment. Volk­swa­gen is expe­ri­enc­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly strong results in the U.S. with a num­ber of new mod­els that are sell­ing well. The automak­er is adding deal­ers, which makes find­ing qual­i­fied techs all the more dif­fi­cult. VW’s solu­tion is to help deal­ers across the coun­try to recruit and hire ser­vice tech­ni­cians.

Part of the prob­lem for Volk­swa­gen, as well as oth­er automak­ers, is the tech­ni­cal sophis­ti­ca­tion of today’s vehi­cles. Ser­vice depart­ments need to recruit com­put­er savvy tech­ni­cians, not just peo­ple who know how to turn a wrench. In addi­tion, many qual­i­fied auto ser­vice tech­ni­cians left fran­chised deal­ers dur­ing the reces­sion. Some were the vic­tim of down­siz­ing, oth­ers were attached by inde­pen­dent repair shops and expand­ing retail parts and repair com­pa­nies.

To help deal­ers, Volk­swa­gen has launched a career web­site to help deal­ers recruit tech­ni­cians.



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