Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index — April 2012

Tom Webb
Man­heim Con­sult­ing
Chief Econ­o­mist

Man­heim Month­ly Index – April 2012

Auto indus­try has sig­nif­i­cant­ly out­per­formed over­all econ­o­my in recov­ery, and pat­tern con­tin­ued in April when new and used vehi­cle sales con­tin­ued to show strength. Man­heim Index was at 126.1, down slight­ly from March 126.2 in March and 126.6 in April 2011, though val­u­a­tions remained near his­toric highs.

More Indi­ca­tions Mar­ket Not Great, but Good:
UV oper­a­tions pro­duced grow­ing prof­its, and bid­ding activ­i­ty at auc­tion remained sol­id.
Used Vehi­cle Retail Vol­umes Post­ed Fur­ther Gains in April and Year-to-Date:
This despite total dol­lar amount of indi­vid­ual income tax refunds is down this year for 1st time in many decades.
Rental Risk Unit Prices Looked at First Like they Reached New High:
How­ev­er, after account­ing for 1,000 few­er miles on aver­age, adjust­ed prices were basi­cal­ly even w/ March’s lev­el.



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