Giver’s Gain: 5 Tips to Network the Heck Out of Social

If you want to increase sales, the human con­nec­tion is always the place to begin. Peo­ple buy from peo­ple. Plan your Social mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy using these 5 net­work­ing tips:

1. Be a Nice Per­son & Have Good Man­ners. Did I just sound like your Mom? Good, read on. Be polite and say thank you. If you make a promise, keep your word. Social net­work­ing is your dig­i­tal back­yard BBQ. You wouldn’t walk into the BBQ ask­ing, “Hey, does any­body want to buy a car?”. Spend time get­ting to know how every­one else is doing, what their inter­ests are and share sto­ries about those com­mon inter­ests. The time you invest will make you the only one they think of when it’s time to buy.

2. Be the Lik­able Expert. Deliv­er valu­able and com­pelling con­tent to your cus­tomers and prospects. Dai­ly updates, Blogs, Email Newslet­ters – all of these make you the go-to resource. Respond to blog com­ments, email replies, Face­book and Twit­ter com­ments time­ly and enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly. What bet­ter way to estab­lish your rep­u­ta­tion than as some­one who is always look­ing to help oth­ers?

3. Be Curi­ous. Hav­ing a curios­i­ty about what peo­ple are about and what they’re doing builds your net­work. I’ve found that by lis­ten­ing to people’s ideas, con­cerns and chal­lenges, I dis­cov­er a mil­lion oppor­tu­ni­ties. Be gen­uine­ly inter­est­ed is the key that unlocks the door to their needs and wants. You lis­ten, you ask ques­tions, and the sale presents itself.

4. Ask For Refer­rals. Net­work­ing is like min­ing for gold and refer­rals are the Moth­er Load. Many sales­peo­ple, ser­vice advi­sors and deal­ers have a strong data­base of repeat cus­tomers. Email, Face­book, Twit­ter, YouTube, wher­ev­er they are, meet them there and enlist their help. Here’s what to say: “Our busi­ness is based on refer­rals.  We’re expand­ing and we need your help. Who do you know who…..?” Of course, it nev­er hurts to do this in per­son when deliv­er­ing the vehi­cle either!

5. Invest in Cul­ti­va­tion. It’s not easy devel­op­ing a trust­ed com­mu­ni­ty on Social Media. Many employ­ees and man­agers want to start but lack the train­ing to do so. Grow your own team of Social mar­keters. Des­ig­nate a com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er to han­dle all your Social net­works. You can’t devel­op rela­tion­ships with­out the peo­ple behind the posts. It’s vital to have process­es inside the store so hire a trust­ed expert that can imple­ment best prac­tices.

Kathi Kruse is an Auto­mo­tive Social Media Expert, Blog­ger, Author, Speak­er and Founder of Kruse Con­trol Inc. Reach out to Kathi through her con­tact page or by call­ing 714–251-6440.



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