7 Social Media Trends for Auto Dealers

In recent months, IMN con­duct­ed an exten­sive study on the social media needs of our cus­tomers in the auto­mo­tive indus­try. Much of what IMN learned was com­mon sense, some was sur­pris­ing, but sev­en trends clear­ly emerged as indi­cat­ed below.

One clear obser­va­tion: Auto deal­ers need an expe­ri­enced part­ner with the con­tent, dis­tri­b­u­tion, ana­lyt­ics and auto exper­tise required to help them be suc­cess­ful in this new land­scape.

1. Social Still a New Fron­tier for Deal­ers

Although the deal­ers we inter­viewed are test­ing many tac­tics to increase their social pres­ence, aver­age con­fi­dence in their over­all social media strat­e­gy was rel­a­tive­ly low. Grow­ing their social media audi­ence was high in impor­tance; social lead gen­er­a­tion rat­ed much low­er. Many expressed doubt that social chan­nels could be used as lead/business dri­vers. The deal­ers in the study were, for the most part, prag­mat­ic about what is fea­si­ble to mea­sure. Most would be very inter­est­ed if their tools could go be­yond basic data and pro­vide reli­able ROI met­rics.

2. Deal­er Pres­ence Across Social Media has Room for Growth

Among those who answered our sur­vey, a good num­ber were on Twit­ter as well as Face­book, but not using it reg­u­lar­ly or, in their minds, effec­tive­ly. Very few had pro­files for their busi­ness on YouTube, Google+ or oth­er niche plat­forms. Many had not even “claimed” their busi­ness page on Yelp, foursquare or oth­er social media plat­forms that enable cus­tomer feed­back and rewards.

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