Commercial Drivers Face Heavy Fines for Handheld Cell Phone Use While Driving


Commercial Carriers Journal - December 28, 2011

Com­mer­cial truck or bus dri­vers will face stiff civ­il penal­ties for using hand­held cell phones while oper­at­ing a vehi­cle begin­ning Jan­u­ary 3, 2012. Two com­pa­nies, Zoom­Safer and Fleet­Safer Vision, have devel­oped soft­ware that ensures the safe and legal use of mobile phones while dri­ving. A recent study by the New Eng­land Jour­nal of Med­i­cine indi­cates the acci­dent risk of cell phone use while dri­ving is equal to dri­ving while intox­i­cat­ed.