Quebec Drivers Support Winter Tire Law

Cars in snow

The New York Times - December 6, 2011

Que­bec dri­vers are required by law to fit pas­sen­ger vehi­cles with four win­ter tires by Dec. 15 and keep them on until March 15, or risk fines of 200 to 300 Cana­di­an dol­lars. A study by the Que­bec Min­istry of Trans­port says all win­ter acci­dents fell by 17 per­cent com­pared with the five win­ters pre­ced­ing the enact­ment of the 2008 law. Acci­dents caus­ing deaths or seri­ous injuries fell by 36 per­cent. The spe­cial­ized tires are manda­to­ry for all pas­sen­ger cars and taxis reg­is­tered in the province, as well as rental cars from Que­bec loca­tions.