More Fueling Stations Needed for Hydrogen Vehicles

The New York Times - December 5, 2011

Toy­ota, Daim­ler, Hyundai and Hon­da have all com­mit­ted to pro­duc­ing hydro­gen-pow­ered fuel-cell vehi­cles by 2015. How­ev­er, few hydro­gen sta­tions, cost­ing more than $1 mil­lion to build, exist in the U.S. Hydro­gen advo­cates say that an ade­quate num­ber of sta­tions will be ready in step with the cars, by 2014 or 2015. Japan, Ger­many and South Korea have all com­mit­ted to sub­stan­tial fuel­ing net­works for hydro­gen cars in the future.