Car Industry to Shift Connected Infotainment Focus to Smartphones

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Telematics Update - October 27, 2011

The need to speed inno­va­tion and reduce devel­op­ment costs of in-car appli­ca­tions is caus­ing the car indus­try to shift focus from ful­ly embed­ded info­tain­ment solu­tions to those that will inte­grate the smart­phone and its appli­ca­tions. Most car info­tain­ment sys­tems still run on cus­tom-built appli­ca­tions that are expen­sive to pro­duce and hard to upgrade once they ship with the vehi­cle. The smart­phone can change all that due to its capac­i­ty to serve as an eas­i­ly upgrad­able oper­at­ing plat­form if prop­er­ly inte­grat­ed with the car’s head unit.