Debunking Myths of Fuel-Saving Devices

Aol Autos - August 7, 2011

High­er gas prices mean busi­ness is thriv­ing for com­pa­nies that man­u­fac­ture “fuel-sav­ing” devices. One such prod­uct is a mag­ne­tized device that wraps around the fuel line just pri­or to the fuel inlet and claims to increase fuel econ­o­my from 5% to 20%. How­ev­er, the EPA test­ed sev­er­al such prod­ucts and said there is absolute­ly no improve­ment in fuel econ­o­my. Air swirling tech­nol­o­gy installed in the air intake pri­or to the engine throt­tle has not lived up to its claims of increas­ing fuel econ­o­my from 7% to 28%. The EPA has test­ed fuel addi­tives and found they do not result in fuel mileage sav­ings. Dri­vers should keep their engines tuned and their tires prop­er­ly inflat­ed to achieve bet­ter miles per gal­lon.