Some Hybrids Not as ‘Green’ as Consumers Think - July 16, 2011

Envi­ron­men­tal impact and fuel econ­o­my are only part of the equa­tion when con­sid­er­ing a hybrid pur­chase. The Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists found many hybrid mod­els do not save con­sumers as much mon­ey as they might expect. Some hybrid engines deliv­er strong fuel effi­cien­cy while oth­ers increase the engine’s pow­er, result­ing in less improve­ment in fuel econ­o­my and envi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fit. Con­sumers should con­sid­er the time required for fuel sav­ings to make up for the hybrid’s pre­mi­um price over its con­ven­tion­al coun­ter­part pri­or to mak­ing their deci­sion.