Hot Weather Driving Tips

Hot weather driving

The Wall Street Journal - July 22, 2011

With record-break­ing tem­per­a­tures across the U.S., dri­vers should take a look at their car’s cool­ing sys­tem, tires, and oth­er parts under stress in hot weath­er. Check­ing the coolant lev­el is most impor­tant fol­lowed by tire pres­sure and trans­mis­sion flu­id. The air-con­di­tion­ing com­pres­sor, con­denser, evap­o­ra­tor, receiv­er-dry­er and oth­er parts should be checked annu­al­ly to ensure pas­sen­ger com­fort. Dri­vers are urged to car­ry plen­ty of water and nev­er leave chil­dren or pets unat­tend­ed in the car.