Feds May Require Vehicle Backup Cameras by 2014

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Detroit News - March 23, 2011

The NHTSA (Nation­al High­way Traf­fic and Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion) is tak­ing pub­lic com­ment on the need to require back­up cam­era tech­nol­o­gy on all vehi­cles. Trag­ic sto­ries have been giv­en of deaths and injuries as a result of being hit by a vehi­cle while back­ing up. Back­up cam­eras could be installed on all vehi­cles by 2014 at a cost of $60 to $300.

NHTSA = Nation­al High­way Trans­porta­tion and Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion