Mass Market Electric Vehicles Go On Sale - December 6, 2010

Elec­tric vehi­cles began to go on sale in Decem­ber, adding to a list of “green” vehi­cles cur­rent­ly offered. 27 hybrid mod­els are cur­rent­ly for sale includ­ing mod­els by Porsche, Mer­cedes and Lexus. Green vehi­cles come in EV-elec­tric only, hybrid-gas and elec­tric, and plug-in hybrid with extend­ed range bat­ter­ies. The Chevro­let Volt is a hybrid while the Nis­san Leaf will be an elec­tric-only vehi­cle. 8 hybrid and 12 plug-in elec­tric mod­els are planned for 2011 with more in 2012.