Automakers Make Big-Time Return to Super Bowl Advertising

Super Bowl XLV

Advertising Age - December 5, 2010

When Amer­i­cans tune in to the Super Bowl on Feb­ru­ary 6, they should expect to see as much met­al as they do pigskin. Car mar­keters, hav­ing wok­en from their reces­sion-induced ad slum­ber, are dou­bling down for Super Bowl XLV in Arling­ton, Texas, and set­ting the bar sky high for auto com­pa­nies and their ad agen­cies to craft com­mer­cials unique enough to break through the clut­ter and cap­ture view­ers’ atten­tion.

BMW NA to return after a decade; to use Super Bowl as stage to launch slate of new cars
GM sat out past 2 games, back w/ focus on Chevro­let; Chrysler ran ads last year, is back
Audi of Amer­i­ca mak­ing 4th con­sec­u­tive appear­ance; will be in game’s 1st com­mer­cial break
Mer­cedes has 1 60-sec­ond spot in 4th Q; 4 new prod­uct launch­es next year, 125th anniver­sary