Clean Energy Contracts with AT&T for CNG Fueling Stations

Business Wire - March 30, 2010

As part of AT&T's commitment to deploy 8,000 compressed natural gas fleet vehicles nationwide, the company has contracted with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to build, operate, and supply its CNG stations. AT&T thinks natural gas provides a strong economic advantage compared to fueling vehicles with gasoline and diesel, and reduces America's dependence on imported oil.

As part of AT&T’s com­mit­ment to deploy 8,000 com­pressed nat­ur­al gas fleet vehi­cles nation­wide, the com­pa­ny has con­tract­ed with Clean Ener­gy Fuels Corp. to build, oper­ate, and sup­ply its CNG sta­tions. AT&T thinks nat­ur­al gas pro­vides a strong eco­nom­ic advan­tage com­pared to fuel­ing vehi­cles with gaso­line and diesel, and reduces America’s depen­dence on import­ed oil.