California Partnership Pushing Fuel Cell Vehicles


San Francisco Chronicle - May 28, 2009

Green tech­nolo­gies for auto­mo­biles are run­ning on sev­er­al tracks. The cur­rent tech­nol­o­gy draw­ing the most atten­tion is gas-elec­tric hybrids. A num­ber of automak­ers have announced plans for elec­tric cars set to debut with­in the next cou­ple of years. But hid­den under­neath all the green hype is the fuel cell pow­ered vehi­cle. A Cal­i­for­nia part­ner­ship has a fleet of fuel cell pow­ered cars tak­ing a tour of the west coast, dri­ving from San Diego to British Colum­bia.