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Toy­ota gave up try­ing to sell com­pressed nat­ur­al gas (CNG) vehi­cles to fleets in Cal­i­for­nia in 1999 after just one year. The refu­el­ing infra­struc­ture and per­for­mance issues remain, but expen­sive gaso­line has Toy­ota flirt­ing with the idea of mar­ket­ing a CNG Cam­ry Hybrid. Con­sid­er­ing CNG Again Despite 1999 Fail­ureNis­san joined GM and Chrysler in announc­ing plans to mar­ket an elec­tric car in the US in 2010. CEO Car­los Ghosn is pre­dict­ing that elec­tric cars will com­prise 10% of the glob­al mar­ket by 2020. Plan­ning Elec­tric Car for 2010