Honda Hybrids are Coming; Watch Out Prius

2010 Honda Insight

The hybrid wars are heat­ing up. In a chal­lenge to the pre­vail­ing hybrid leader, Toy­ota, Hon­da announced it would begin sell­ing a gaso­line-elec­tric Insight world­wide in 2009. It is esti­mat­ed the price of the hybrid Insight will be below the cur­rent Prius price. In addi­tion to Insight, Hon­da has sev­er­al oth­er hybrid mod­els on the draw­ing board. The first gas-elec­tric hybrid from a Detroit automak­er, Chevro­let Volt, is not expect­ed until 2010 with a con­sid­er­ably high­er MSRP.