GM Two-Mode Hybrid Most Significant Advance Since Prius

Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

Gen­er­al Motors’ “green” strat­e­gy has always been to devel­op fuel-sav­ing tech­nolo­gies that save the most gaso­line. Its two-mode, strong hybrid sys­tem was devel­oped for bus­es and trucks. When judged by the num­ber of gal­lons of fuel saved, fleets of munic­i­pal bus­es equipped with this sys­tem have a more pos­i­tive effect then all of the mild hybrids in com­pact pas­sen­ger cars. GM has now brought this tech­nol­o­gy to full size SUVs. With con­sumers flee­ing pick­ups and SUVs, is it too late?