University Fleet Study Proves Value of Nitrogen Filled Tires


A sci­en­tif­ic study com­par­ing nitro­gen-filled tires to an air-filled pro­gram found valu­able ben­e­fits to nitro­gen. Advan­tages to bet­ter pres­sure main­te­nance in tires include improved fuel econ­o­my, reduced green­house gas emis­sions and bet­ter tread life.

Nitro­gen per­me­ates through tire cas­ings more slow­ly than ambi­ent air
Nitro­gen-filled tires main­tain opti­mum pres­sure longer
Dry­er nitro­gen helps pre­serve tire rub­ber and pro­tect cas­ings from cor­ro­sion dam­age