NY Mayor Wants All City Cabs to be Hybrids by 2012

Michael Bloomberg

New York May­or Michael Bloomberg wants the city’s yel­low taxi fleet to be “green” by 2012, and all its vehi­cles for hire must meet new emis­sions and mileage stan­dards by next year. Cur­rent­ly the stan­dard Crown Vic­to­ria yel­low cab vehi­cle gets 14 miles per gal­lon while Ford Escape hybrid taxis achieve 36 miles per gal­lon. Hybrid vehi­cles are typ­i­cal­ly more expen­sive to pur­chase, but the city expects the increase in fuel econ­o­my will save taxi oper­a­tors more than $10,000 annu­al­ly.