Support Building for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles


To show sup­port about 8,000 “soft orders” have been placed by gov­ern­ments and com­pa­nies in the US for an afford­able plug-in hybrid. Plug-ins have both elec­tric motors and bat­ter­ies as well as a gaso­line engine, but the bat­ter­ies are more robust and can be charged using elec­tric­i­ty from a home. Cur­rent­ly no com­pa­ny is mass-pro­duc­ing plug-in hybrids.

Plug-ins have both elec­tric motors, bat­ter­ies plus gaso­line engine
Have more robust bat­ter­ies allow­ing equiv­a­lent of 100 mpg
Bat­ter­ies can be charged using home’s elec­tric­i­ty
GM com­mit­ted to build­ing plug-in hybrids but no time­line; Toy­ota research­ing plug-ins