‘Black Box’ Ruling Generates Unexpected Uproar


Groups across the indus­try spec­trum have react­ed neg­a­tive­ly to a new fed­er­al rule to stan­dard­ize min­i­mum require­ments for “black box­es” in vehi­cles. Safe­ty advo­cates say the rule is inad­e­quate while pri­va­cy groups are con­cerned about “spy­ing” issues; automak­ers feel the rule is too vague and imple­men­ta­tion would be cost­ly.

EDRs col­lect data in moments before, dur­ing, after crash: speed, accel­er­a­tion, seat belt use, oth­er
EDR data help auto indus­try, safe­ty researchers study how, why acci­dents occur, how to pre­vent
Most vehi­cles have EDRs–Toyota installs in all vehi­cles, GM, Ford near­ly all, Chrysler over half
Only 10 states have laws gov­ern­ing data recorders