NHTSA Wants ESC Standard on All Vehicles Sold in US

Nicole Nason

A NHT­SA-pro­posed rule would equip all vehi­cles made and sold in the US with elec­tron­ic sta­bil­i­ty con­trol begin­ning with the 2009 mod­el year. NHTSA Admin­is­tra­tor Nicole Nason said, “No oth­er safe­ty tech­nol­o­gy since the seat belt holds as much promise to save as many lives and pre­vent as many injuries as elec­tron­ic sta­bil­i­ty con­trol.”

Mer­cedes-Benz, BMW 1st deployed ESC in 1995, now stan­dard on those automak­ers’ vehi­cles
Term ESC rec­og­nized by Soci­ety of Auto­mo­tive Engi­neers but dif­fer­ent automak­ers use dif­fer­ent names