Increasing Car Fuel Efficiency Standards Debated

President George W. Bush

The Bush Admin­is­tra­tion is resist­ing increas­ing CAFE stan­dards for cars until changes are imple­ment­ed to match new light truck rules, but Con­gress is grow­ing impa­tient with the delays. Trans­porta­tion Sec­re­tary Nor­man Mine­ta said he is required by law to review any impact new require­ments would have on high­way safe­ty, auto indus­try jobs, and com­pa­nies’ eco­nom­ic health.

Cur­rent automak­er fleet aver­age for pas­sen­ger cars of 27.5 mpg estab­lished in 1975
Con­gress enact­ed CAFE stan­dards in response to oil shocks unleashed by Arab oil embar­go
Light truck Cor­po­rate Aver­age Fuel Econ­o­my increase to save 6.7B gal­lons of gaso­line
Light trucks include many pick­ups, SUVs, mini­vans, crossovers