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“We can’t say the SUV seg­ment has crashed; in fact, we see exact­ly the oppo­site.” — AutoPa­cif­ic Pres­i­dent George Peter­son
“Peo­ple want a vehi­cle that’s the right size and the right price; right now, fuel econ­o­my isn’t on the radar.” — Art Spinel­la, CNW Mar­ket­ing Research
Sales of SUVs & oth­er light trucks in US topped pas­sen­ger car sales for 1st time in 2001
SUVs account­ed for 51% of new vehi­cle reg­is­tra­tions
Demand helped by prices that remain near post-war lows when adjust­ed for infla­tion
Fuel econ­o­my ranked in bot­tom 1/2 of ~40 fea­tures cus­tomers they con­sid­ered impor­tant
Low gaso­line prices blunt demand for more fuel-effi­cient autos