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Dur­ing 2001, 35% of nation’s deal­ers still uti­lized buy­ing ser­vice for sales leads
Down from 54% in 1999 at height of mania
60%+ of cus­tomers use Inter­net before buy­ing new car or truck
“Despite some reports, e-com­merce is alive & well at Ford.” — Karen Fran­cis, pres­i­dent of Con­sumer­Con­nect, Ford’s e-busi­ness divi­sion
Significant Points
Exist­ing Web-based ini­tia­tives con­tin­ue to shave time, save mon­ey & increase sales
Automak­ers must fig­ure out how to use Web to add val­ue to process
Deal­ers clear­ly rec­og­nize need for Inter­net pres­ence
3rd par­ty car-buy­ing sites not dis­ap­peared com­plete­ly; deal­ers less will­ing to pay for leads
Inter­net will become even faster & more secure in near future
Web will con­tin­ue to play impor­tant role in sales for tra­di­tion­al new-car deal­er
Grave­yard of Dot.coms not soured deal­ers & automak­ers on poten­tial val­ue of Web & e-biz
Ear­ly Dot.coms tried to replace brick & mor­tar play­ers; divert all traf­fic & sales thru them
GM Buy­Pow­er

Gen­er­at­ing 70K+ leads / month for GM deal­ers


Rout­ing 80K online prospects / month to net­work of 2,500 deal­ers