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Significant Points
“Aver­a­ge­ness” of GM design think­ing, not to men­tion 6-year-old exper­i­ment with brand man­agers, under hot fire
Focus groups called “unreliable…because they are IN research, not real­ly pay­ing for it”
Risk-tak­ing thrust of Lutz’ assault appar­ent­ly endorsed by GM CEO G Richard Wag­oner, Jr
Acid test of Lutz’ bar­rage lies ahead — whether “Mal­ibu-Cen­tu­ry” cul­ture can give way to 1-that pro­duces “PT Cruis­er-ES 300-Audi TT”
Faith in con­sumer research, Har­bour Report pro­duc­tiv­i­ty guides & telem­at­ics among “sacred” areas tar­get­ed
Lutz report­ed­ly order­ing changes in future plat­forms like full-sized truck, Corvette, Lamb­da mini­van replace­ment