Tire Pressure Warning Systems Become Standard Equipment Starting 2003; $31-$66 Feature Could Prevent 79 Deaths Annually

Nation­al High­way Traf­fic Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion pro­posed sim­i­lar sys­tem in 1981 but dropped due to expense & tech­ni­cal prob­lems
Rule is NHTSA’s 1st new stan­dard under new law passed last year in reac­tion to Fire­stone tire recall
Some car­mak­ers like Gen­er­al Motors already offer warn­ing sys­tems in vehi­cles as stan­dard or option­al equip­ment
Automak­ers to deter­mine what con­sti­tutes “sig­nif­i­cant under-infla­tion” because many dif­fer­ent vehi­cles & tires involved