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Significant Points
New prod­ucts immo­bi­lize vehi­cle if own­er isn’t per­son try­ing to start it;1-product by Texas Instru­ments (TI) has small elec­tric device in igni­tion key, iden­ti­fied by vehicle’s engine & allows car to start
Car Nav­i­ga­tion Sys­tem by Alpine only requires dri­vers enter final des­ti­na­tion in com­put­er; with GPS, sys­tem tracks car & com­put­er, pro­vid­ing street-by-street nav­i­ga­tion
VDO Carin 440 Nav­i­ga­tion Radio Sys­tem from Phillips gives dri­ver spo­ken direc­tions & pic­tographs