Ageism: The Biggest Area of Bias

Ageism: The Biggest Area of Bias

Why you should lis­ten

Ash­ton Apple­white would like us to think dif­fer­ent­ly about grow­ing old­er

She says: “Aging is a nat­ur­al, life­long, pow­er­ful process that unites us all.
So how come so many of us unthink­ing­ly assume that depres­sion, dia­pers, and demen­tia lie ahead?

Because of ageism — the last social­ly sanc­tioned prej­u­dice.”

Author of This Chair Rocks: A Man­i­festo Against Ageism

Also the voice of the Yo, Is This Ageist? blog.


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How to Change Anyone’s Mind — Don’t Push

From the Book: The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone's Mind by Jonah Berger ( Published on March 10 )

How do you do it?
Overall: Remove barriers; Don't Push
Use Four action-ables to win people over:
1) Reduce Reactance (Make People feel in control)
2) Ease Endowment (People stick with what know)
3) Alleviate Uncertainty (Major Move)
4) Find Corroborating Evidence (Follow up with new info)

Conference Planners Note: 7 Eco-Friendly Transportation Options for Meetings and Events

This posting is for Conference Planners, Executives, and those who realize the cost and focus required to get to a conference and then move about

You are encouraged to include and incorporate this means of transportation at your conference in the posted content for your forthcoming conference.


20 Ridiculous Phrases You Should Immediately Stop Saying at Work [From Inc.]

Twenty phrases you should stop saying.

Here are 20 rather annoying phrases to consider deleting forever from the crevices of your mind. Ask yourself how often you use them, then try to catch yourself before you blurt one out.

"Think outside the box"
"Grab the low hanging fruit"
"Run it up the flagpole"
"This will only take a minute"
"Hit the ground running"
Get your ducks in a row"
"Back to the drawing board"
"Throw X under the bus"
"Get the ball rolling"
"That's above my pay grade"
"It's our policy"
"Pushing the envelope"
"Let's circle back around" "Take it to the next level"
"I don't have the bandwidth"
"Burning the candle at both ends"
"It is what it is"
"Lost track of time"
" Plenty of fish in the sea"
"Work smarter, not harder"

Note: This aggregated list is from Inc, Magazine for Attribution. _________________________________________________________________________________
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Cheryl Miller is New CEO of AutoNation CEOAutoNation - 12/31/1969

The First woman to be AutoNation Leader . Cheryl Miller was the chief financial officer of AutoNation for several years.

Cheryl led several strategic initiatives for AutoNation in her career.

Initiatives included building partnerships with Alphabet's Waymo.

AN second-quarter earnings rose to $100.8 M, from $97.6 M,

Analysts were expecting $1.06 a share on revenue of $5.29 billion.

AutoNation's profits have been under pressure as U.S. new vehicle sales have weakened
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