Charging Your EV Car While You Drive — Future of Road Charging Systems

Here is some back­ground on this break­through Charg­ing Tech­nol­o­gy:

World’s first elec­tri­fied road for charg­ing vehi­cles opens in Swe­den

Stretch of road out­side Stock­holm trans­fers ener­gy from two tracks of rail in the road

Bat­ter­ies of cars and trucks are recharged while on the road

overnment’s roads agency has already draft­ed a nation­al map for future expan­sion.

Ener­gy is trans­ferred from two tracks of rail in the road via a mov­able arm attached to the bot­tom of a vehi­cle.

This “dynam­ic charg­ing” means the vehicle’s bat­ter­ies can be small­er & less cost­ly.

See how this break­through Road Charg­ing Tech­nol­o­gy works. Now this tech­nol­o­gy needs to be adopt­ed by U.S and glob­al­ly.

News You Need to Know

AR/VR-as-a-Service Now Ready to Become a Leading Platform for Auto Industry, Dealers, and Car Buyers to Shop & Select a Vehicle.

Here are some of the breakthroughs in AR/VR as a Vehicle Sales Tool:

Why AR/VR is now a must in the Vehicle Sales Process:

Three Reasons-Consumer Adoption; Dealer Utilization; New Headsets:
The Time for this AR/VR Technology in Automotive Marketing is Now
Buyers able to view any make & model via phone & lightweight headset
Gain configuration options, change color & compare cars side by side.
Time Researching Reduced: 17 M cars are sold per year in the U.S.
Buyers spend an average 14 hours researching & shopping for a car.
Improving immersion/engagement for saves shopper time & drive sales.

Find out why & how AR/VR are going merge with AI & Change how vehicles are sold:

Breakthrough: Open Source Blockchain Ecosystem Solution to Bring Transparency & Data Security to $2.8 T Pre-Owned Auto Industry

The Auto Finance Industry Problem:

The auto industry has long struggled with a lack of transparency and widespread information inaccuracies, from titling all the way through financing, Independent dealers, government agencies, including Departments of Motor Vehicles, insurers, financing companies and individuals.

There has been a lack of a standardized system that provides a reliable means of sharing and authenticating information such as vehicle information numbers (VIN), make, model, title, sales and service history.

Open source Blockchain operating system has been needed to power the consolidation of data on millions of vehicles to fight fraud and streamline auto information sharing

The Solution:

Fusion Foundation, a non-profit organization on a mission to build the ideal financial infrastructure, has been chosen by the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) to improve access to accurate consolidated data on millions of vehicles in the $2.8 trillion pre-owned automotive industry.

See, learn, and understand how this Blockchain Breakthrough will transform the entire Used Vehicle Market the next 3 years or less. ________________________________________________________________

Has Digital Media Killed Automotive Trade Publications or Have They Killed Themselves ?

Are Automotive Trade and Consumer Magazines, Publications, & Websites Killing Themselves?

Is the Digital Media Carnage coming into niche auto publishing models?
Is there too much media for so few auto industry advertisers?
Are automotive industry trade publications becoming irrelevant?
Is the auto trade publication trade business model unsustainable?
Can auto trade pubs keep accomplishing an unattainable media business?

See the Red in the "How Digital Media Killed Itself' article posted and consider.
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Jan ThompsonSenior vice president of marketingZoyte USA-HAAH Automotive Holdings, - 12/31/1969

Zotye, is the Chinese automaker with plans to launch retail operations in the United States in late 2020, has added one of the industry's most respected marketing veterans to its leadership team.

Jan Thompson has been named senior vice president of marketing for Zotye USA and its parent company, HAAH Automotive Holdings, which is headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif.

Thompson, named one of Automotive News' 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry in 2005 and 2010, has led marketing activities at Mazda, Toyota and Nissan in North America. She also has been executive vice president of Omnicon Group and vice president of Advanstar Communications Inc.

She most recently was Ipsos' senior vice president, North America lead, and she will remain on the board of directors at Auto Web, an automotive media and marketing services company in Irvine, Calif.
Her appointment is effective March 1, HAAH said in a statement.
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