Bringing Outside Thinking into Banks & Auto Management — Ingest Citi Ventures Exec on The Future of VC and Fintech

What you should do:

Lis­ten, watch & take in what Vanes­sa Col­lela of Citi Ven­tures is say­ing:

What to look for:

Biggest chal­l­lenge to Auto Man­age­ment: Bring in out­side think­ing

Many great ideas but how to adopt, nav­i­gate, & posi­tion

Fin­tech infra­struc­ture involves cyber­se­cu­ri­ty, machine learn­ing

Block chain may be panacea for bank prob­lems & future

Entre­pre­neurs bring­ing in new ideas and solu­tions

News You Need to Know

Women Control 80% of Consumer Spending But Only 11% Are Ad Creative Directors.

What was & still is the Problem with Women in Creative?

Women are not yet creating & directing content in advertising
Lack of female creative leadership in agency & OEM marketing
Opportunity for agencies, clients, & industry

What has and is the impact of 3% Movement on Marketing to Women & to Total Audience?

3% Movement now in conferencing, MiniCons, Certification, Research
7th annual Two day fall conference coming in November in Chicago
Online community of 35,000

To begin to see the scope and impact of the 3% Movement, go to


Taking a Stand: Courageous Enterprise Leads Car Rental Industry–Cuts Off NRA Discount Program

How the Car Rental Industry started a Movement:

Enterprise leads the Major car rental companies with National and Avis following:

Cuts off discount program for NRA members.

Sends a message to NRA that current positions on gun control are unacceptable.

Beginning of financial pressure on the NRA for its stands on current gun laws.

Major corporation are follow the Car Rental industry

Going after gun manufacturers next.

#BoycottNRA is the hash tag to see the impact on the NRA

See What New York Times coverage shows about dozens of companies following the lead of the RAC companies


Are California Voters Smart Enough to Keep & Use Gas Tax Increase to Repair Roads?

Can Rapid Response to Road Repairs Stop Repeal?

The Situation:
California roads, bridges,& streets desperately need repair and upgrades

The Solution:
The 12 cents gasoline tax went into effect on Nov 1.
Will produce $5.4B annually. Also a transportation improvement fee started Nov 1

The Problem:
State Republicans want to repeal the gas tax. Have over 500,000 signatures to get on ballot
State needs to complete major road projects for the Nov Election

How Is State Responding?
Rushing to complete dozens of projects on are a fast track to be complete prior to Nov election

The Bottom line for Voters who drive in California:

Invest in your future and get roads fixed & upgraded ASAP
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Sugato ChattopadhyayDirector of ITUpdatePromise - 12/31/1969

Mr. Chattopadhyay joins the UpdatePromise team with over 25 years of Global IT experience with Companies such as HP, Apple, Cognizant and Accenture.

Chattopadhyay will leverage his knowledge and experience in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and other leading-edge technologies to further the mission of UpdatePromise, which is to positively impact millions of consumers’ lives, one industry at a time.

  The addition of Chattopadhyay to the UpdatePromise team is one of several key strategic plays the company has made in recent months as it continues to execute on its Global Consumer Experience vision.

CEO and President Curtis Nixon said:

“We are excited to have Mr. Chattopadhyay join our team. His commitment to improving products, services and companies through innovative and cutting-edge technology is directly in line with our mission here at UpdatePromise.” 

  How Mr. Chattopadhyay view his new position:

“If you look at today’s world, it’s all about innovation through data—it goes into everything, whether it’s IOT or just plain internet, and it’s what you make out of the data to better serve your customers that differentiates great companies from average companies.”
“Research and development is something I love doing, and that’s one of the things that attracts me [to UpdatePromise], because there’s so much scope for innovation, which is my passion as well as the company’s, to innovate side by side with our clients and consumers.”

  Mr. Chattopadhyay will lead UpdatePromise’s upcoming launch of the next round of innovation to be released at National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Expo
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