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Something Continues to Smell about the So Called VW Scandal

Almost every week, there are indications in the Press that something stinks.

Ever Wondered How Many Harvard MBAs are in the Car Business?—You Gotta Care.
See What New Book Says plus Editor’s Assessment

Leads Aren’t Dead. Think Engagements Instead & Get them to Your Website.

Dealer Model in Peril: Dealer Disconnect Surfaces in Auto Ads

See What AdAge Publisher & Disruptor Say

Smoke and exhaustIs the Other Shoe About to Drop in the VW Diesel Emission Scandal?

Other OEMs Involved? Really Industrywide Denial & EPA Flawed Measurement?

seniors-rule Seniors Rule: 24% of 50-60 Year Olds Doing Startups;

5 Myths about landing good job later in life

Source: Wall Street Journal

top-5-trends_hero-image_blog_1068x700-640x419Dealer Management Thinkers:Get Smart about Predictive Intelligence Now:
[Go to #5 of Trends Listing & Get Your Team Engaged & Acting]

Blog Image on Refineries - a-1476213972-snap-photo Outages Rant: Refinery Outages Seem to Manipulate Gas Prices in California

Diamandis Tech Blog- 160815-Homepage-Carousel-3x1Startling Predictions from Peter Diamandis: Massive decline in auto sales forthcoming.

VW Scandal or not - AR-150929807 < Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop--Is Only VW Really to Blame for the Diesel Fiasco or is the real Scandal about NTSHA, Other Car Manufacturers, Suppliers, Congress, Government Bureaucrats, the Industry Press, & the Way OEMs Sell Cars?

Pay to Say - ed_imageSNN0733Z_54_355876aYou Take the Front Cover. We’ll Take the Back.—
Getting Behind Dealers, Not in Front

Mexican Plants -635698318093916797-DFP-auto-NAFTA-Mexico-plants-MAP-PRESTOAnother Car Crash for U.S. Jobs & Manufacturing—Is Ford Running Off the Road by Abandoning U.S. Manufacturing?

Kevin Root Blog Self Driving car Entering the Age of New Mobility, Self-Driving & Autonomous Cars – A Wakeup Call to the Auto Industry?

Frustrated couple sitting in car showroom Auto Dealer Business Model in for Disruptive Change

May be a Revolution, Collapse, or Reinvention soon

Auto Industry Trends 2015 Top 25 Trending Developments in the Automotive Industry 2015

Trends that reflect a changing automotive market now & soon


Toyota-PR-Chief-Arrested. PillsToyota Abandoning Julie Hamp: Missed PR Op, Japan Male Myopia, Power Sharing, or Just Another Diversity Disaster?

CRIF testim1.JPG - Auto Lending Consulting  CRIF

Three Key Considerations Auto Lenders Need to Heed in Selecting Consultants Who Know the Dealer Market

What separates one auto lending consultant from another.

CRIF testim1.JPG - Auto Lending Consulting  CRIF CRIF Auto Lender Consultant Selection Blog (1) Word>

Three Key Considerations Auto Lenders Need to Heed in Selecting Consultants Who Know the Dealer Market

What separates one auto lending consultant from another


Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’

Car Shopper Data does not seem to have privacy or anonymity. Reckoning is coming.

unnamed“Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’ ”

“Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’ ”



Winning webinars Create Winning Webinars in 2015

CE Blog ImageHow the Power of Scripts Can Deliver a Great Dealer Loaner Car Experience

Car safety feature

Content Marketing — What’s Your Strategy?

More Hot News

Six Ways to Sell More by Simply Improving How You Communicate with Consumers

Alert: Artificial Intelligence to Alter the Current Automotive Dealer Sales & Marketing Model.

Are Dealers Ready to Let Algorithms Set Car Prices? Is this the New One Price Model?

Five Industry Breakthrough Ideas & Action-ables You Gotta Get on ASAP

AI-Driven Report is Grabbing More Car Shoppers on Their Mobile

Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future

Leads from Lead Leader Lead to Car Sales: 5% of All 2016 Light Vehicles Retail Sales Came from One Online Automotive Service plus 2% of UC Sales for 1.5 M Total Sales

Having Safe Text with Your Customers: Sales Scoring Depends on Consumer Ability to Text Your Dealership

Get & Be Smarter: Start Listening to Most Popular Marketplace Radio Show on NPR Every Day In Car/Headset


Guess What? Car Buying Revolution is here–They are Going to Buy Online More & More

How Algorithms, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence are Changing Role of Content Providers

72nd anniversary of six U.S. Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima

Had Enough about Millennials? Dealers Encouraged to Engage, Challenge, Rethink the Business Model

Freakout USA – Survey Sez: Americans are seriously stressed out about the future of the country.

Watch out EVs–FCVs are alive: See What Analysts Say about GM-Honda JV Mass Produce of Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles

Not Just Hot Air—Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles Coming in Mass: GM-Honda Tech Invest of $85M

60-second-digital SIX in SIXTY – 6 Most Significant Developments from Last Week that You Will Want-To-Know in 60 Seconds


chrysler-diesel-issueAnother Shoe has dropped: OEMs other than VW About to be Caught UP in Diesel Emission Scandal; Now Its FCA Challenging EPA Engine Calibrations & Process

cisco-cc Ya –Connected Cars are Really Coming: $155B Market with 59M Cars Connected to Internet in next 15 Years; Steps to get ready

8-steps-in-sale-evolutionThe Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying – It’s Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

data-wars-new Data War(s) are Coming: Apple, Google, & Data Miners vs Coveting OEMs for Data Using Mobility, AI & Analytics

you-tube-lab-brandGoogle Challenging Agency Ad Process: Sez Create Your Own Brand Videos for YouTube [Quicker, Cheaper, & Speedier Production & Feedback]

thought_leadership Books for Thought Leaders in 2017