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Blog Image on Refineries - a-1476213972-snap-photo Outages Rant: Refinery Outages Seem to Manipulate Gas Prices in California

Diamandis Tech Blog- 160815-Homepage-Carousel-3x1Startling Predictions from Peter Diamandis: Massive decline in auto sales forthcoming.

VW Scandal or not - AR-150929807 Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop--Is Only VW Really to Blame for the Diesel Fiasco or is the real Scandal about NTSHA, Other Car Manufacturers, Suppliers, Congress, Government Bureaucrats, the Industry Press, & the Way OEMs Sell Cars?

Pay to Say - ed_imageSNN0733Z_54_355876aYou Take the Front Cover. We’ll Take the Back.—
Getting Behind Dealers, Not in Front

Mexican Plants -635698318093916797-DFP-auto-NAFTA-Mexico-plants-MAP-PRESTOAnother Car Crash for U.S. Jobs & Manufacturing—Is Ford Running Off the Road by Abandoning U.S. Manufacturing?

Kevin Root Blog Self Driving car Entering the Age of New Mobility, Self-Driving & Autonomous Cars – A Wakeup Call to the Auto Industry?

Frustrated couple sitting in car showroom Auto Dealer Business Model in for Disruptive Change

May be a Revolution, Collapse, or Reinvention soon

Auto Industry Trends 2015 Top 25 Trending Developments in the Automotive Industry 2015

Trends that reflect a changing automotive market now & soon


Toyota-PR-Chief-Arrested. PillsToyota Abandoning Julie Hamp: Missed PR Op, Japan Male Myopia, Power Sharing, or Just Another Diversity Disaster?

CRIF testim1.JPG - Auto Lending Consulting  CRIF

Three Key Considerations Auto Lenders Need to Heed in Selecting Consultants Who Know the Dealer Market

What separates one auto lending consultant from another.

CRIF testim1.JPG - Auto Lending Consulting  CRIF CRIF Auto Lender Consultant Selection Blog (1) Word>

Three Key Considerations Auto Lenders Need to Heed in Selecting Consultants Who Know the Dealer Market

What separates one auto lending consultant from another


Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’

Car Shopper Data does not seem to have privacy or anonymity. Reckoning is coming.

unnamed“Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’ ”

“Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’ ”



Winning webinars Create Winning Webinars in 2015

CE Blog ImageHow the Power of Scripts Can Deliver a Great Dealer Loaner Car Experience

Car safety feature

Content Marketing — What’s Your Strategy?

Content Marketing — Sara Callahan blog


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Motor City West HeaderTakeaways: Thinking thinkLA’s Friday Afternoon Conference Works with Test Drive Experiment, Incentives, Data, Carla, MX 5, & Disruptive Trends

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Street Fight sf How Automotive Marketing Is Evolving in the Digital Age

PAL V Flying Car - Real oneIt is Gonna Fly: First Plausible Flying Car to be Delivered in 2018

ridesharingThe Ride Sharing Business:Is a Bar Mitzvah Moment Approaching?

2016_Toyota_Fuel_Cell_Vehicle_014-e1416294310381-1940x1091 Getting High on Hydrogen: California Market to be big with some help from Japan.

Skurt - CpmqAL7VYAE1sDS21 Year Olds “Skirt” Age Limit: Startup “Skurt” Delivers Rental Cars to Young Users

Gas Prices & EV Sales ImageAuto Fuel Emits 16% of Green House Gases: Yet Electrics & Hybrids are only 3% of Car Sales

Pat on Head - headpat Pat on the Head: OEM Focus on Fuel Efficiency Tech Gets Applause from Feds & CAB

Cars4real. Consumers Get Real: Gain Expert Help Buying Cars–Car4Real Launches Next Big Car Buying Platform To Do Just That>

Uber Finance - 103685209-UBER_TRUCK_SMALLER-1.530x298You Can Get an Uber Auto Loan: Uber Trillions After $116B Auto Finance Market Including Leases & Loans to You & Drivers

beepi-car-bowAutoDisruptor Beepi: Transforming Used Car Market with Online, Mobile Shopping

Alternative-Blockchain-Uses-650x350 Off the Chart Demand: Blockchain Technology Getting Set to Come to Automotive Systems

toyota-mirai-live-21-820x420 Step on it, Elon!–Here Comes Toyota with Hydrogen Powered Green Marai

Elbowing out UC - 200x-1 Making Sense of Fragmented UC Market: Disruptor Vroom Brings No Haggle & More

Here Autonomous -0160416_STP003_0 Seen an Autonomous Car Lately? 100 Are Being Tested to Build Detailed Maps

width="275"Next Time Stand Up & Say: “I am the CEO, Bitch”: Prominent Venture Capitalist Sticks Out Neck & Takes on Silicon Valley’s Shortage of Women and Minorities

Older People Two - 43499251.cached Older People About to Revolt: They Spend $4 Trillion a Year & Marketers Seem to Care Less

BlockChain Technolgy Big Image- shutterstock_180009623Auto Supplier Companies in Peril? Is Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology about to Blow Automotive Systems Away

TrueCar Image looking into its future TrueCar Seeks the “Truth” about Real Reason for Its Existence

LOCATION BASED TRACKINGlocation-based-app2Location-Based Apps are Tracking You Every 3 Minutes

Dealer Survey - completing-necessary-paperwork Dealer GMs, CFOs, & Service Managers: Is Storing Paperwork After a Sale or Service a Hassle?

AUGMENTED REALITY:Intel Augmented Reality- 503551306-edWill Augmented Reality Superimpose Virtual Elements of the Real World into Automotive Advertising, Marketing, and Enthusiast Print Magazines?