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Documentation Of Vehicle History Is The New Negotiator For Sam Swope Auto Group

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The Latest on Arch Enemy Tesla Motors

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Do Women in the Car Business Ask For What They Want?

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Is General Motors Holding Back with the Chevrolet Volt?

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Car Rental a New Market for microGreen Oil Filter for Hitting Cost Savings and Environmental Goals

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What’s in YOUR email-basket?


Auto Loan Balances Exceed $900 B for First Time in History

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Millennials Like Carsharing but Eventually Need to Have their Own Cars

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New Subprime Auto Loan Boom Gets Tarnished in NYT Article

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Dealers Being Offered $3.6 Million in Digital Marketing Services

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California a Testing Ground for Where Automakers are Heading

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Will lack of Funding of Highway Fund Ultimately Impact Auto Sales?

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Bill Ford: Game Is Changing Bigtime for Automakers in Next 20 Years


Like paint on the walls…how simple and intuitive is your loaner car management system?

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AOL Autos’ Technology of the Year Award — Nominee Finalists Announced

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NADA UCG Report: Hybrids Softening in Used Vehicle Values

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This Week’s Top 10 Stories in Green Auto Market

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What Iraq Conflict Might Mean for Gasoline Prices and Alternative Fuels

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Swapalease’s Scot Hall On Leasing Tesla Model S And Other EVs

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Life Lessons from Navy SEAL Training

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How Retailers Are Making Used Car Stores Highly Profitable

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Toyota Moving Away From Tesla and EVs — Going Towards Fuel Cell and Hybrids

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Yes, Off-Lease is Coming — but Don’t Forget About Seasonal Patterns


Toyota Selling Off-Lease Inventory to Independent Dealers through Online Auctions

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Must See: Auto Industry Infographic