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Automotive Digest Green Editor Jon LeSage Interviewed on AV Clean Cities Radio

The finalized 54.5 mpg federal fuel economy standards, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and how it may impact natural gas-powered transportation, and how consumers have been making green vehicle purchase choices were among the topics discussed by Curtis Martin, Program Coordinator for … Continue reading

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Green Automotive Digest on Life Support But Coming Back

Green Automotive Digest has been on hiatus since early December, and will be starting up again in early April. The format will be changing and will be closer to the monthly publication I started in February called Green Auto Market. … Continue reading

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Hoping history doesn’t repeat itself in freedom from oil

A hundred years ago, car shoppers had three powertrain options – buying a car powered by gasoline, electricity, or steam – and a fourth fuel option in ethanol. By the 1920s, gasoline won the race, and fueling stations were being … Continue reading

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“Freedom” from oil addiction: What’s the best strategy for success?

Following the Sundance Award winning film, “Fuel,” Josh Tickell and his wife filmmaker Rebecca Tickell have made another movie in this theme, called “Freedom.” The movie begins by exploring the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf last year. It … Continue reading

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Corn now equals more fuel than food, for better or worse

Did you know that corn has a much bigger role to play than just feeding livestock and humans, and sweeting our packaged foods through high fructose corn syrup?  As for now, the biggest chunk of domestically grown corn is being … Continue reading

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