About Jon LeSage

Jon LeSage is Automotive Editor, Green Initiatives at Automotive Digest. He writes for and manages the online newsletter Automotive Digest Weekly Green, which goes out to about 65,000 readers/viewers at automotive OEMs, suppliers, dealerships, fleets, research and consulting, regulatory agencies, and advocacy groups. This weekly newsletter has been joined by the daily blog Green Machine Digest and Facebook and Twitter pages, offering opinions, perspectives, and visions on clean, green cars and fuels.

Jon brings 20 years of experience in editorial and research to ADW Green. He’s worked as a magazine editor and writer, online content webitor, and market researcher. Over the years, he’s spent time covering alternative fuel vehicles, fleet management, car rental, business travel, used car trends, chauffeured ground transportation, internet marketing, laws and regulations, and auto manufacturing. Covering green machines now requires a wide range of news tracking, which makes it all the more fun – science and engineering, fuels and energy, fleet management, laws and regulations, sustainability initiatives, global trends, environmental activism, and what green car shoppers really want.


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