Driverless Cars Becoming its Own Industry

Driverless autonomous carRobotic, autonomous, driverless cars are starting to look like the real deal and go mainstream. Here’s some evidence: It now has a trade association and they’re having a conference!

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) will be hosting its Driverless Car Summit at MotorCity Hotel in Detroit, June 11-13, 2013. Driverless Car Summit 2013 will be dedicated to understanding and working to solve the core challenges impacting driverless vehicle integration onto tomorrow’s roadways.

For two days, leaders from the robotics and automotive sectors will have discussions with their colleagues and counterparts with a common goal of making driverless cars a reality by 2022. The event will feature a mixture of inspiring presentations as well as interactive discussions designed to be the first steps in developing a path toward making driverless vehicles a mainstream mode of transportation.

Keynote speakers will be Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan; US Senator Carl Levin; John Maddox, Associate Administrator, Vehicle Safety Research, NHTSA; and John Augustine, Managing Director, ITS JPO, US Dept. of Transportation. Two of the highlighted speakers will be Dr. Gary Smyth, Executive Director, North American Science Labs for General Motors; and Dr. Chris Urmson, Tech Lead, Google, Inc.

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