Non-Dramatic Yet Impressive Sales Numbers for Plug-in EVs

While the numbers are yet to be impressive, the figures are climbing for plug-in electric vehicles compared to last year. There were 1,760 Chevy Volts sold in June, bringing the total to 8,817, meaning Chevrolet will likely double last year’s numbers. The fact that there are more plug-in electric vehicle models to shop for is helping overall sales volume, and that list will be getting much longer in the next couple of years.

The Nissan Leaf numbers are still much lower than the Volt – 535 units were sold in June. Newer models are starting to see movement – not a lot, but they did pick up in the past month for the Smart fowtwo EV, Ford Focus Electric, and BMW ActivE. The Toyota Prius PHV saw 695 units sold, and was again number two on the list. It would be good to know how many Teslas, Fiskers, and Codas are selling, but these companies are not reporting their units sold.

Plug-in electric vehicles will not be reaching the president’s goal of hitting the one million sales mark, by 2015, but it won’t be too far behind. Pike Research expects the US sales numbers to reach 410,000 plug-in EVs sold between 2011 and 2015, and the one million mark will be reached in 2018. Dramatic, no. Impressive, yes.

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