Extended Version of Green Auto Market Available Now, with Lots of Cool Stuff

For those interested in learning more about electric vehicles, hybrids, and alternative fuel vehicles, it’s easy to find a wave of media coverage, especially when new cars are unveiled at major auto shows. But what about the market forces shaping the future of this new business? 

Green Auto Market – The Business of Green Cars, Fuels & Technologieswas launched in early 2012 and is being distributed to stakeholders in this new and growing industry.Green Auto Market is tracking sales figures for hybrids and EVs, resale values and remarketing, marketing campaigns, charging and fueling infrastructures, fuel and energy prices, green vehicle investor trends, and “big picture” developments shaping what’s nextWhile it’s going to take a few years for this industry to thrive, there will be many jobs, investments, emissions standards, and technology R&D, that draw attention to, and engagement with, this new business around the world.

There will a shorter version (abbreviated) than usual sent out to the list for no charge, starting with the July issue next week. (Email me at jlesage@jonlesage.com if you’d like to be placed on the list). For those who want to receive the longer version (extended), there’s a subscription fee, and you can read about what will be featured in the extended version here on my website on the Subscriptions page http://www.jonlesage.com/Subscriptions.html

It is a new, growing industry that needs a lot of education, infrastructure development, and stakeholders working together. The challenges are big and come down to: What will it take for consumers and fleets to buy a lot of these products? And of course, once they’re on the road, can they be conveniently charged and fueled? As economies of scale fall into place, the cars will become cheaper and there will be more charging/fueling infrastructure in place. That’s a few years out, and a lot of bridges need to be crossed for it all to come together. Staying informed is vital.

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