Check out July edition of Green Auto Market

If you’re interested in receiving the free July edition of Green Auto Market, The Business of Green Cars, Fuels & Technologies, send me an email – In this issue, you can read about:

  • AV Clean Cities Radio – a weekly and archived internet radio program led by Curtis Martin, Coordinator, Antelope Valley Clean Cities, talking to well-known leaders in this emerging industry.
  • Highlights of a conversation I had last week with Consumer Federation of America’s Mark Cooper on why they’re pushing for the feds to adopt the 54.5 mpg fuel standard, and why this method should work.
  • What You Should Know about Dealers Marketing Green Machines – a very important topic as more of these vehicles roll out.
  • EV charging payment systems seeing installations.
  • New study sees fracking tied into groundwater contamination in Marcellus Shale – the plot thickens on this tough issue.

There’s now an extended subscription version available that includes items such as “Green Transportation Publicly Traded Companies” showing a chart tracking companies with estimated market value of $9.83 billion at this time, and a list of “Companies Gaining Private Investors that Could Go Public.” For those interested in reading more about subscriptions and back issues, click here.

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