Green Automotive Digest on Life Support But Coming Back

Green Automotive Digest has been on hiatus since early December, and will be starting up again in early April. The format will be changing and will be closer to the monthly publication I started in February called Green Auto Market. The focus is on what’s really happening in green cars fuels and technologies. You can read a lot of articles about a new BMW electric vehicle being unveiled in Geneva or something like that. What about the business – how is it really working and not working, and what’s next? This blog will be continuing probably three-to-five times per week, and Green Automotive Digest will once again be a weekly newsletter. All three of them will be interconnected – Green Auto Market, Green Automotive Digest, and the Green Machine Digest blog.

For those of you who are interested in and passionate about green cars, fuels, and technologies, I encourage you to leave reader feedback comments in this blog, and to consider writing articles and columns for the other publications. I’ve met a lot of people at conferences, doing video interviews, and telephone conference call meetings, that are passionate about this subject matter. Green cars, fuels, and technologies have a lot of significance and connectivity to essential issues on the planet today: environmental disaster, recovery from addiction to oil, rising prices of gasoline and diesel, fuel economy standards in countries around the world, and much interest in green by consumers.

As I’ve said many times before, fleets play a big part in the game, too. They’re bringing in more electric vehicles anyone thought would be the case in it’s the early stages of EVs, and they’re doing a lot with natural gas and propane-powered vehicles. Some of them are into biofuels, too. There’s a lot to stay up on and to talk to insiders about. I look forward to interviewing, having conversations, networking, and getting columns from emerging leaders in an emerging field.

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