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Chevrolet GPS Smart App for a Mere $50

Not long ago, it cost a few hundred backs to have a GPS tracking system in your car’s dashboard or attached by a chord. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy a car connected to a navigation smart app for … Continue reading

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Chevrolet’s Volt Commercial on NPR Highlighting Airbag Safety

While driving to work and listening to National Public Radio’s news program, you’ll hear a prominent commercial for the Chevy Volt and its eight airbags. It raised the questions of why GM chose NPR and why the ad focuses on … Continue reading

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St. Patty’s Day Green Cars to Consider

What will tomorrow look like for you? Corned beef and cabbage? Green ale with a shamrock chaser? Take a look at this article on another version of green – hybrids, EVs, and alt-fuel vehicles in the European market, some of … Continue reading

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No Longer Just Car Guys, More like Mobility Champions

Things are changing seismically for the global auto industry, whether you’re talking about electric vehicles or driverless cars. Pike Research senior analyst John Gartner wrote: In mature automotive markets that may have already hit peak car sales, the companies formerly … Continue reading

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Recalls Won’t Go Away – Just Ask Fisker

While Toyota gets ribbed for taking so long to put a plug-in electric vehicle on the market (testing the plug-in Prius with fleets long before rolling it out to retail dealer lots), perhaps there is something wise about going that … Continue reading

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Green Automotive Digest on Life Support But Coming Back

Green Automotive Digest has been on hiatus since early December, and will be starting up again in early April. The format will be changing and will be closer to the monthly publication I started in February called Green Auto Market. … Continue reading

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Why Gas Prices Are So High, and Why Fuel Surcharges & Taxes Won’t Work

The Los Angeles Times business section did a Q&A on why gas prices are so high. As for why gasoline prices are going up so high, some of that has to do with the price of a barrel of oil … Continue reading

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Clashing Over the “Greenness” of Natural Gas

The Sierra Club just released a statement to members explaining why you should speak up to your legislator to oppose exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to other countries. The reason for this, according to the statement, is “fracking” or hydraulic … Continue reading

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What it Will Take for Green Vehicles to Go Mainstream

Sales figures for plug-in electric vehicles are not exciting. They don’t seem to have taken off this year. For green vehicles to become mainstream mass-market, it’s going to take some time – several years from now. In my opinion he … Continue reading

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