Take the bird’s eye view on success in green cars

When you’re looking at the success of electric vehicles and greentech, it’s much better to look out at the horizon with a bird’s eye view. As Japanese corporations have done to make Toyota, Honda, and several other brands successful, it’s important to look out 10 to 20 years, instead of six months to one year, as is done typically in the USA.

The number are bleak — out of all US new vehicle sales in 2011 (about 12.7 million) only 268,807 were hybrids and 17, 813 were plug-in electric vehicles. A little over 2% were hybrids and EVs were only a blip on the big picture screen. It’s going to take a few years — 10 to 20, or more, for this to make a big difference in oil consumption and emissions reductions.

American Honda just delivered its Fit EV to the City of Torrance, Calif., as part of its demonstration program. It’s a good promotional event, but it is the very first one to be delivered. As I said, it’s going to take a while — patience and long-term commitment are required by everyone.


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