So what exactly is this Green Auto Market thing?

On February 15, 2012, a new monthly publication will be launched called Green Auto Market, with the tagline of “The business of green cars, fuels, and technologies.” It’s a business publication for people in the green car business — automakers, dealers, technology suppliers, fleet managers, green car owners, advocacy groups, government agencies, researchers, etc.

Here are the sections and content that will be provided:

New vehicle sales – monthly sales figures on plug-in electric vehicles, hybrids, high mileage gasoline and diesel engine vehicles, and other alternative powertrain vehicles.

Used cars ­– values and remarketing trends for green vehicles.

Marketing campaigns – automaker and dealership marketing, promotional events, social media, sustainability and energy efficiency, and smart apps.

Dealerships – customer service and education, service technicians, loans and leases, incentives, and charging stations.

Charging and alternative fueling –

  • Pricing — electricity, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane autogas, ethanol E85, biodiesel, and hydrogen.
  • Charging and Fueling Stations — existing, being installed, and scheduled for installation.

Consumer Markets – surveys, studies.

Fleet Markets – acquisition deals, alliance and venture programs, Clean Cities programs, and OEM testing projects.

Conferences and meetings – what to look for, what’s happening at auto shows, green vehicle seminars, auto conventions, ride and drives, etc.

Green technologies – advanced technology, intelligent vehicles, battery systems, charging, smart and renewable energy, green transportation, synthetics, chemical compounds, hybridization, and more.

I’ll be the editor and publisher of Green Auto Market, and will continue my role with Automotive Digest. For anyone interested in learning more about it or sharing comments, please leave a reply below. There will be a fee to get on the subscriber list, but I will be sending out the first two editions free of charge to interested people. I also have a free newsletter list you can get on from my website.

For nearly three years now, I’ve been doing daily coverage of green cars, fuels, and technologies. You can find a ton of information on all of it, but there are a few things missing. I appreciate reader feedback I’ve received and conversations with leaders in the field. Green Auto Market will stand out as distinct and valuable by offering content that’s missing out there, and is very much needed now that green cars, fuels, and technologies is becoming its own industry.


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