Josh Tickell Interviews Me on Green Car Shopping Trends

What are some of the electric and hybrid car shopping trends being seen in the automotive industry lately? I had a great opportunity to answer questions on the subject while being interviewed on the topic for an internet radio show recently.

Josh Tickell, best known for his Sundance film festival award winning film, “Fuel,” and for driving the Veggie Van cross country to promote biofuels, interviewed me on his recently launched internet radio show – where, in the age of new media, you can listen on his website on the day of broadcast and through other channels whenever you choose to, including downloading a Podcast.

I talked about the low sales figures in the brand new, burgeoning market, and what it will take for consumers and fleets to ramp up the numbers. To listen to the Podcast, go to iTunes and search for Tickell Talks, and then download “Tickell Talks Show #3 – Where are All of the Electric Cars?” If you’ve never done a Podcast, you can download the iTunes free software and access this free interview, and many other audio files.

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