EV charging station growth mushroomed last year

Guess how much US electric vehicle charging stations grew last year — any ideas? By about 660%!!!

The actual number, according to US Dept. of Energy, was 750 public/commercial charging stations (not including residential garages) in April 2011 versus 4,971 in November 2011.  The numbers still aren’t enormous, but the growth rate was rapid. Many charging stations are in California with others in Arizona, Florida, Georgia Tennessee, and Portland, Ore.

Contracts are being carried out by ECOtality, Coulomb Technologies, ClipperCreek, and other companies, many times connected to Dept. of Energy grants and local public/private partnerships. Employers like Google and other major companies are also doing a lot of installations.

Much more needs to be done to get EVs across the country. There are about 175,000 gas stations in the US and less than 5,000 public/commercial charging stations. Home charging helps, but charging station numbers need to get much bigger.


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