Feel dumb about EVs? Plug In America offers a solution

Boy did I feel dumb!

Over dinner last night, a friend was asking me about what I’ve been doing lately in my career. At one point in my long answer, I attempted to describe electric vehicle technology. I said that the Nissan Leaf has a 24 volt battery pack powering it. He said, “24 volt? I have a 12 volt radio. How could a 24 volt battery power a car?” So I hemmed and hawed, attempting to explain my way out of it and still sound like some kind of expert on green machines. He was graceful about it and let me off the hook.

When I got home, I paged through a handout I received during National Plug In Day on Sunday — Plug In America’s Charging Up & Ready to Roll — The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles. I’m not finding it on their website, which is a bummer. Guess you need to go to their events and check out the tables.

It’s really comprehensive and digs into all the questions I’ve been asked, and had myself — whether you’re talking about do-it-yourself conversions, renewable energy sources for electricity, relieving your range anxiety, public charging stations, how the technology works, etc.

So to answer my dinner buddy’s question — I was wrong about it and didn’t know what I was talking about. Mea culpa, mea culpa. The Leaf has a 24 Kilowat-hour battery pack — which you need to know for determining how long it will take to charge you car… Okay, kWh, not volt (say this 10 times to memorize it)… you know, I think there’s hope for me!


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