Detroit 3 get more federal funds for advanced tech

If the Obama administration leaves office in January 2013, they’ll be mainly remembered for the expensive Recovery & Reinvestment Act, an extensive and confusing health care bill, and budgetary battles. What might be forgotten are achievements in advanced automotive technologies and fuels — whether that be through fuel economy increases, pushing for a million plug-in electric vehicles, or awarding Dept. of Energy grants.

Dept. of Energy just awarded more than $175 million in funding to support projects and research that accelerate the development of advanced vehicle technologies and improve fuel efficiency for future vehicles.

Among the recipients:

  • Ford received $2.7 million for two projects that will improve engine combustion strategies and motor friction.
  • GM won $14 million for two projects to develop low-cost power modules for electric vehicles and a thermoelectric generator system used to convert waste heat to electric power.
  • Denso International America received $2.6 million to reduce battery pack size and improve temperature management for electric vehicles.
  • Chrysler Group got $10 million to develop light-weight materials designed to cut an automobile’s weight in half.

The domestic automakers have taken in several million in DOE grants for the past two years. It’s helping them changeover to advanced technologies on all fronts, and will help them hit the federal mileage targets.

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